About Chindu Satheesh

As a Quality Engineering Manager at Mathworks, Chindu Satheesh leads a variety of projects. His responsibilities include allocating resources, resolving conflicts, and fostering the growth of members of his team. In addition he is responsible for hiring activities within his team.

In addition to the managerial side of work, Chindu Satheesh also serves as a technical lead providing guidance. He currently works in MATLAB, C, and C++, though he is also familiar with languages like PASCAL and Java as well as technologies like HDL and PLCs. Chindu’s areas of interest include finite state machine modeling, automatic code-generators and control systems.

Mr. Satheesh has worked for Mathworks in several roles since August of 2004. Before becoming a manager, he worked as a quality engineer for the Stateflow team and as an application support engineer. In these roles, Mr. Satheesh did extensive software development and testing in a multitude of languages, performed mathematical modeling, participated in customer training sessions, and provided technical support for engineers using MATLAB, Simulink and Stateflow.


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